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Lasso 8.6 continues to target security improvements. 

Released on January 16, 2014 the latest Lasso Professional 8.6.3 extends the recent upgrade to the Lasso 8.6 line with some additional security compliance provisions to cookies and sessions.

Improvements to the 8.6.3 version include better support for barcode generation, support for new font and MS Office file types, increased stability on CentOS 6, and refinements to Filemaker portal interaction. This release also corrects a malformed data return from an Oracle data source.

LassoSoft recommends that this update be applied to all servers running 8.6.0 and above, and any servers still running 8.5.x or earlier should also be prioritized for upgrade.

See the full 8.6.3 Change Notes here.

The Lasso programming language as a product and development platform has consistently outperformed its competitors for years in the areas of security and ease of use. LassoSoft's development focus continues to be on security, stability, scalability and performance.

Note: Along with staying current on the latest supported Lasso 8.6 version, LassoSoft recommends all users plan to evaluate and undertake an upgrade towards Lasso 9 over the coming year as the majority of improvements and new features occur in our headline product Lasso 9.

If you have any questions about the upgrade process you can contact our team to discuss your specific situation and requirements.

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