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Introducing: Lasso Patrons

Would you sponsor Lasso specific versions, features or improvements?

Lasso Patrons may not necessarily be Certified Lasso Developers (CLDs), but they are genuinely interested in promoting a specific development path for Lasso. These are not memberships, per se, but are people and companies who contribute time, financial stimulus or other resources to the positive growth of the Lasso programming language and its community.

Patrons may "push through" a roadmap item or specific code requirement by directly sponsoring its development. This sponsorship spawns a separate development path from the core R&D path of LassoSoft by allowing additional resources to be assigned to that specific strategic initiative. (Certain roadmap items, due to the realities of resource capacity and skill set, may not be available for patron support.)

Patrons will be recognized in the future, should they contribute explicitly required or requested functional code which is added to the kernel of a Lasso product at any given time, and represents a significant amount of effort. This code will become the property of LassoSoft, as it will likely be used in future releases.

Patrons may contribute money here, in any multiple of $100 that they so desire: Contribute NOW

The benefits of Lasso Patron membership:

  1. Voting Privileges: Patrons receive an additional core vote to be assigned to the Development Roadmap in recognition of their input, for a period of time equivalent to the time expended value on the contributed or purchased item (calculated at roughly 8/hours saved of LassoSoft engineer time = 1 month Patron recognition).

  2. Patron Designation: Patrons will be noted as such in a CLD or other listing for the equivalent period of time to their contribution.

  3. Historic Listing as Patron: Patrons are manually listed here indefinitely (though the voting privileges have a timed effect.)

The designation is also automatically given to any non-CLD organizations or individuals who directly sponsor a specific component or development for over $1000 (listed below).

Lasso Patrons:


Brian Middendorf Hosted Store Corporation

Peter Bethke 

Roy Gabrielsen 


Note: Patron features and benefits may grow and change due to dynamic feedback from its membership.

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