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capture A capture is a block of Lasso code that can be passed to another method or invoked locally. Captures are context aware and depending on the scope have access to the current locals and self. Captures... Capture
capture->self Refers to the type in which the capture is created. Capture
capture->invoke Invokes the curent capture. A capture can also be invoked with () Capture
capture->detach No description available. Capture
capture->restart Restarts a capture. Code within capture is re-excuted. Capture
capture->resume No description available. Capture
capture->continuation No description available. Capture
capture->home No description available. Capture
capture->callsite_file Returns the path of the file or the name of the type containing the current capture. Capture
capture->callsite_line Returns the current line number within a capture. Capture
capture->callsite_col Returns the current column number within a capture. Capture
capture->callstack Returns the callstack for a capture. Capture
capture->splitthread A new thread can be created by calling the capture->splitthread() method.  The capture given to capture->splitthread() will be run in a new thread. This new thread will contain... Capture
capture->threadreaddesc No description available. Capture
capture->autocollectbuffer Returns the captures current auto collect buffer. This is populated when a capture is created with carets ^ like so {^ ^} Capture
capture->calledname No description available. Capture
capture->methodname Refers to the method in which the capture is created. Capture
capture->invokeAutoCollect Invokes the capture but puts all autocollect data in a new string buffer returns that buffer. Non-autocollecting captures are just invoked with no resulting value. Capture
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