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cipher_list [Cipher_List] lists the encryption and digest algorithms that the [Ciper_Encrypt], [Cipher_Decrypt], and [Cipher_Digest] tags support. By default an array of cipher encryption algorithms is... Encryption
cipher_keylength [Cipher_KeyLength] returns the required key length for a given cipher. The method requires one parameter which specifies the cipher. Encryption
cipher_hmac No description available. Encryption
cipher_seal cipher_seal(publicKeyFileData ::bytes, data ::bytes) ::bytes [cipher_seal] takes the public key file data (first parameter) and uses it to cryptographically seal the given data (second... Encryption
cipher_open(privateKeyFileData ::bytes, passPhrase ::bytes, data ::bytes)...
cipher_sign   cipher_sign(privateKeyBytes::bytes, passPhrase::bytes, data::bytes) cipher_sign(privateKeyBytes::bytes, data::bytes) This method takes the private key data and the... Encryption


cipher_encryptpublic No description available. Encryption
client_address [Client_Address] returns the host name of the current client. If the host name cannot be found then the IP address of the current client is returned. The [Client_Address] method can be used in a... Client
client_addr [client_addr] returns the IP address of the user. This method has been deprecated. It is supported in Lasso 9 in order to make it easy to deploy solutions that were created using Lasso WDE 3.x.... Client
client_authorization [Client_Authorization] returns a map that describes the current Web browser authentication method that is being used. The map always contains a Type member which is either Basic or Digest. If the... Client
client_browser [Client_Browser] returns the type of browser used by the current client. This information is retrieved from the HTTP request and can be modified by the client in some browsers. Client
client_contentlength [Client_ContentLength] returns the length in characters of the current HTTP request. [Client_ContentLength] is provided as backwards compatibility. For new Lasso 9 projects it we recommended... Client
client_contenttype [Client_contentType] returns the MIME type requested by the current HTTP request. The MIME type is used by the Web server to determine what type of file to return. Common MIME types include... Client
client_cookielist [Client_CookieList] returns a object of type [queriable_select] which contains every cookie sent along with the current HTTP request. Returns empty if no cookies are set. This tag can be used to... Client
client_cookies [Client_Cookies] returns a static array containing every cookie sent along with the current HTTP request. Client
client_encoding [Client_Encoding] returns the default encoding which was used for the GET and POST parameters (collectively action parameters) which were passed to the page. This information can be useful for... Client
client_formmethod [Client_FormMethod] returns the method used to load the current page. Possible return values include GET and POST. Some Web servers might also send HEAD requests on to Lasso. POST submissions... Client
client_getargs [Client_GetArgs] returns a string containing all the arguments passed along with the URL in the current request. Individual parameters are name/value pairs with an equals sign, separated by... Client
client_getparams [Client_GetParams] returns a pair array containing an element for each parameter passed along with the URL in the current request. Client
client_getparam [client_getparam] is used to retrieve specific GET parameters passed to the page by the client browser. Useful for addressing params where multiples may exist. The first parameter is the... Client
client_headers [Client_Headers] returns the text of the HTTP request which called the page. Much of the information in the header can be retrieved using other [Client_...] tags in a more convenient form. Client
client_ip [Client_IP] returns the IP address of the current client. The [Client_IP] method can be used in a conditional expression compared with a string that contains wildcards. [If(Client_IP ==... Client
client_address->asString [client_address->asString] returns the client's IP address as a string type. Client
cipher_generate_key This method generates a new RSA private/public key pair and returns the data as a pair of bytes objects. By default, this method will generate a 2048 bit key. The modulus size can be... Encryption
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