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curl [curl] enables the transfer of data with URL syntax. It supports DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMTP, SMTPS, TELNET and... Curl
CURLAUTH_ANY Used as a parameter of [curl->set] and CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH to direct curl to automatically select the one it finds most secure.  Curl
column [Column] returns the value for a field from the current database search. This tag can be used within [Inline] containers that return a database found set or on the response page for a Classic Lasso... Database
column_names The [Column_Names] method returns a staticarray that contains the names of all of the fields that were returned by the current database search. This method is usually used within [Inline] methods.... Database
column_name [Column_Name] returns the name of a field in the current database and table. A number parameter returns the name of the field in that position within the current table. Other parameters are described... Database
client_iptointeger [Client_IPToInteger] accepts an IP address parameter and returns the equivalent integer. The integer format for IP addresses is required by some low-level protocols. Client
client_password No description available. Client
client_postargs [Client_PostArgs] returns a string containing all the arguments passed by a form for the current request. Individual parameters are name/value pairs with an equals sign, separated by ampersands. The... Client
client_postparams [Client_PostParams] returns a pair array containing an element for each parameter passed by a form as a POST parameter with the current request. Client
client_postparam [client_postparam] retrieves the named parameter. Useful for addressing params where multiples may exist. The first parameter is the name of the parameter, the second may either be the keyword... Client
client_type [Client_Type] returns the type of browser used by the current client. This information is retrieved from the HTTP request and can be modified by the client in some browsers. ... Client
client_username [Client_Username] returns the username specified by the current client. Usually used in concert with the [Client_Password] method. The username which was specified in the HTTP request or URL... Client
client_url [Client_URL] returns the URL which the client requested in order to load the current page. Client
content_type [Content_Type] sets the MIME type of the current HTTP response. Accepts a single parameter, the MIME type which should be sent to the client Web browser. The MIME type should be a valid type... Document
content_encoding [Content_Encoding] returns the encoding which will be used to return the current page to the visitor's browser. This value is read-only and can be sent with the [Content_Type] tag. Document
cookie [Cookie] returns the value for a named cookie. Accepts one required parameter, the name of the cookie whose value should be returned. Note: A cookie's value cannot be retrieved in the same... Cookie
cookie_set [Cookie_Set] sets a cookie with a given name and value. The rest of the parameters of the method are optional, but should be set for best results. -Domain identifies the domain which the... Cookie
content_header [Content_Header] returns a reference to the current header that is being assembled by Lasso for return to the client. The header must be a valid HTTP header separated by \r\n pairs. Lasso does... Document
content_addheader No description available. Document
content_replaceHeader No description available. Document
content_body [Content_Body] returns a reference to the current body that is being assembled by Lasso for return to the client. The body is usually an HTML or XML document up to the point where this tag is... Document
curl->asString [curl->asstring] returns the data received for a URL. It differs from [curl->result] in that it returns the result as a string instead of bytes. Curl
curl->asBytes [curl->asbytes] returns the data received for a URL. It is the same result as for [curl->result]. See also [curl->asstring]. Curl
client_ip->asString [client_ip->asString] returns the current client_ip object as a string. Note that [client_ip->type] returns "client_ip", [client_ip->asString] is of type [string] Client
client_ip->asInteger [client_ip->asInteger] returns the integer value of the current client IP address. Client
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