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[Client_Cookies] returns a static array containing every cookie sent along with the current HTTP request.

  • Syntax
  • Beginner

To display a list of all cookies sent with the current HTTP request:

Use the [Client_Cookies] method. The following example iterates through the [Client_Cookies] method displaying each cookie's name and value.


with c in client_cookies do => {^
    'Cookie Name: '+#c->first
    ' & Cookie Value: '+#c->second


Cookie Name: __utmc & Cookie Value: 219039620
Cookie Name: __utma & Cookie Value: 219039620.181051041.1294015407.1297308863.1297390786.76
Cookie Name: __utmz & Cookie Value: 219039620.1294015407.1.1.utmcsr
Cookie Name: _LassoSessionTracker_lasso-admin & Cookie Value: 88564A8E-3E4F-4530-9716-208FF61DE26C
Cookie Name: _LassoSessionTracker_LEAP & Cookie Value: C42E60F2-CBDE-4968-86D9-9500FE210524

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