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[ decimal->asString ]


The [decimal->asString] method formats the decimal as a string. This method replaces the [Decimal->SetFormat] tag from Lasso 8.x and earlier. In Lasso 9 integers and decimals have no state, and so they cannot carry around their formatting information.

Parameter Description
-Precision Specifies the desired number of characters of precision. By default values are output with 6 characters of precision.
-DecimalChar Specifies the desired character to use as a decimal point. Defaults to a period.
-GroupChar Specifies the desired character to use for thousands grouping. Defaults to the empty string so thousands grouping is not performed.
-Padding Specifies the desired width in character of the output.
-PadChar Specifies the character to use to pad the output. Defaults to a space.
-PadRight If set to True the output will be padded on the right. By default the output will be padded on the left.
-Scientific If set to True, the output will be in scientific notation. By default, scientific notation will only be used if required.
  • Syntax
Decimal Value->asString(
	-decimalChar = 'Character Value',
	-groupchar = 'Character Value',
	-precision = Integer Value,
	-scientific = Boolean Value,
	-padding = Integer Value,
	-padChar = 'Character Value',
	-padRight = Boolean Value
  • Beginner

To format a decimal as a string:

Use the [decimal->asString] method. The following example formats a decimal as a string.





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