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[ file->forEachLine ]


The [file->forEachLine] method takes a block of code that will be executed for each line in the file the [file] object refers to. Inside the block you can access the current line using the special local variable #1 which will be a byte stream containing a line from the file.

  • Syntax
local(f) = file(...)
#f->forEachLine => {
  • Intermediate

Display Lasso code file with line numbers

The code below will output the contents of a Lasso source file as an ordered list.


local(my_file) = file('index.lasso')
handle => {#my_file->close}
#my_file->forEachLine => {^
    '<li>' + string(#1)->encodehtml + '</li>'


  1. <?=
  2. library_once('/_config/conf.lasso')
  3. date
  4. ?>

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