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[ file->openWith ]


The [file->openWith] method is a private method that is used to open a file for a [file] object. It takes two parameters, the first is the mode to use when opening the file and the second is a string with the path to the file to open.

  • Syntax
define file->myMethod => {
    local(mode) = ...
    local(path) = ...
    .openWith(#mode, #path)
  • Advanced

Create your own open method

The code below creates a new member method [file->openAppendOnly] for the [file] type that opens a file for just appending and creating, but no reading.


define file->openAppendOnly => {
    .openWith(integer_bitOr(io_file_o_wronly, io_file_o_append, io_file_o_creat), .path)

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