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[include] inserts the specified format file into the current format file. Any Lasso code in the included format file is executed as if were placed in the current format file at the location of the [include] method.

The first parameter is required and is the name of the format file to be included.

A boolean parameter -local optionally instructs Lasso to determine the file path relative to the current file.

Container methods cannot be started within one file and closed in the other, but the [include] method can be contained within container methods which are opened and closed within the same format file.

Note: [Loop_Count] cannot be used within an include file to get the current repetition of a container method around the [include] method. Instead, store the loop count in a variable.

Note: In the scope of Lasso 9 local variables (#) do not descend into (or out of) included files. Instead use thread-global variables ($) to communicate relevant information.

[include] is directly analogous to [web_response->include].

  • Syntax
Include('File Path')
  • Beginner

To include a header file in a format file:

Use the [Include] method. The following code includes a header named Header.lasso before the contents of the page.



... Format File Body ...

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