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[ locale->formatAs ]


The [locale-formatAs] method us used to format the output of various values in the format of the locale.

This method has several sets of parameters that may accept for formatting. 

  • a single integer. This formats the thousands separators according to the locale
  • a decimal value and a locale keyword. This formats the value as the keyword type in the format of the locale. Valid keywords are: currency and scientific (invalid keywords have no effect)
  • a ucal value along with 3 integers.
  • Syntax
locale->formatAs(decimal, 'keyword')

locale->formatAs( integer )
  • Beginner

Express numeric values in a given country's format.

Use the [locale->formatAs] method.

The following example outputs a large integer and a currency value in the format expected in Germany.


local( myLocale = locale_germany)

#myLocale->formatAs(29.99, 'currency')+'\n'



29,99 €

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