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[ locale_setdefault ]


The [locale_setdefault] method sets the default_locale to be used for formatting.

The method takes one parameter, the locale to set the default to.

  • Syntax
locale_setdefault( locale )
  • Beginner

Change the default locale settings for locale formatted output

Use the [lasso_setdefault] method. This example shows a date output in the default format. The default locale is the set to  France and the date is re-output to show the difference.


local( myDate = date )

locale_default->asString +': '+locale_default->format(#myDate)+'\n'


locale_default->asString +': '+locale_default->format(#myDate)+'\n'


en_CA: 2011-02-12
fr_FR: 12 févr. 2011

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