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[ map->removeall ]


[map->removeall] removes all matching elements from the map.

With no parameter the map is emptied. Otherwise, the parameter is compared to each key of the map in turn and matching elements are removed.

The parameter can be any data type in Lasso including a matcher. The map is modified in-place and no result is returned.

Note: if the parameter is not a matcher this method behaves exactly like the [map->remove] method

  • Syntax
map->removeall( key_value )
  • Beginner

Remove a key/value pairs from a map

Use the [map->remove] method. This example removes elements from the 'colours' map whose keys begin with the letter g.


var (colours = map( 'red'='#ff0000',
                     'green' = '#00ff00',
                     'blue' = '#0000ff',
                     'grey' = '#aaaaaa') )

$colours->removeall( match_regexp('^g') )



map(blue = #0000ff, red = #ff0000)

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