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[Boolean] is a primitive built-in data type used to represent the value true or false. Literal true and false are produced with  the words 'true' or 'false' (no quotes, not case-sensitive).

Calling the boolean() method with no parameters will return false. Calling the method with any other single parameter will return either true or false depending on the following:

The following values are considered to be false:

  • The empty string ''
  • The integer zero 0 or decimal zero 0.0
  • [null] or [void]
  • Boolean false

Every other value is considered true.

A value is implicitly converted to true or false when used as the single operand to the 'if' or 'while' constructs.

  • Syntax
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local(x = boolean('Value'))
Has methods:
  • Beginner

To explicitly convert a value to boolean:

Use the [boolean] method. The following example converts the string 'false' to boolean, resulting in False.





To determine if a value passed in a GET or POST request was 0 or greater than zero:


local(mylocal = integer(web_request->param('status')))
if(#mylocal) => {^
    'value was true'
    'value was false'


http request: ?status=1
-> true

http request: ?status=0
-> false

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