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When instantiated the [zip] type creates a zip archive object. Requires a string parameter as the filepath to the zip archive. An optional second octal integer parameter denotes a flag to use that represents an action to be performed on the zip archive. The following actions are performed when the sum of the octal values is passed as the optional parameter. For example, if 3 were the parameter, then a zip file would be created unless the archive already existed. if omitted, the default flag value is 0.

Create the archive if it does not exist. Octal value = 1
Error if archive already exists. Octal value = 2
Perform additional consistency checks on the archive, and error if they fail. Octal value = 4
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zip('Filepath to Zipfile')
zip('Filepath to Zipfile', Integer flag)
zip('Filepath to Zipfile', Defined Constant)
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To instantiate a zip object:

Use the [zip] type. See this type's methods for additional usage examples.


local(z = zip('/path/to/'))


A zip object is instantiated.

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