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The [range] method tests a value to see if it exists within a given range. The method takes three parameters, the value to be tested and the minimum and maximum values of the test range. [range] will always return one of the three parameters it receives. 

range(val, min, max) returns:

  • val when min < val < max
  • min when val < min
  • max when val > max
  • Syntax
range( test_val, minimum, maximum )
  • Beginner

To ensure that values lie within a specified range

Use the [range] method. This example normalises a set of data to fit within the specified range.


var( myValues = array(22, 30, 17, 5, 16, 25, 21, 24),
     constrainedValues = array )

with v in $myValues
     do => {
          $constrainedValues->insert( range( #v, 16, 24 ) )



array(22, 24, 17, 16, 16, 24, 21, 24)

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