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[Referer_URL] returns a link to the previous page which the current visitor was viewing in their Web browse. The referrer is sent along with each HTTP request and may differ depending on what browser the visitor is using.

The referrer can be used to determine whether a visitor followed a link from another page in the current Web site or if they followed a link from a third-party Web site.

Note: "Referer" is a mispelling of the word "Referrer" which was used as part of the original HTTP specification. Both names are supported interchangeably, but "Referrer" is the proper spelling.

Note: [Referer_URL] is a compatibility implementation of the Lasso 9 native method [web_request->httpReferrer]

  • Syntax
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To check whether the visitor has followed a link from a page in the same site:

Use the [Referrer_URL] method. The following example checks if the referrer URL contains the name of the current server If it does, then the visitor followed a link from a page that was served from the same Web server as the current page.


[If(Referrer_URL >> '')]
You followed a link from a page on this server.

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