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[ string->encodehtmltoxml ]


[string->encodehtmltoxml] converts the encoding of a string from HTML encoding to XML encoding. This method can be used on a string which is already HTML encoded but needs to be used within an XML document that does not allow the HTML-specific entities such as  .

Note - This method is not a replacement for [Encode_HTML] or [Encode_XML]. [Encode_HTML] can be used to display a Lasso string as written within an HTML document. [Encode_XML] can be used to display a Lasso string as written within an XML document. [Encode_HTMLToXML] can be used to modify a string that has already been HTML encoded so it displays propery and validates within an XML document.

  • Syntax
'String Value'->encode_htmltoxml
  • Beginner

To convert an HTML encoded string to an XML encoded string:

Use the [string->encode_htmltoxml] method. The following example converts an HTML entity for non-breaking space to an XML encoded entity.


encode_htmltoxml(' ')



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