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[ string->forEachLineBreak ]


This method takes a capture block and executes that block once for every substring that would be generated by splitting the base string object on a line break. Every linebreak is recognized: "\r", "\n", and "\r\n". Each of the substrings can be accessed in the capture block through the special local variable "#1".

  • Syntax
'String Value'->forEachLineBreak => {
  • Beginner

Access Each Line in a String

The following example takes a string with multiple lines and runs the lines of the string together with slashes, storing the result in the variable "quoted_poem". It removes the trailing slash at the end and then displays the variable "quoted_poem" in quotes.


local(poem) = 'Our two souls therefore, which are one,\rThough I must go, endure not yet\r\nA breach, but an expansion,\nLike gold to airy thinness beat.'

local(quoted_poem) = ''

#poem->forEachLineBreak => {
    #quoted_poem->append(#1 + '/')
'"' + #quoted_poem + '"'


"Our two souls therefore, which are one,/Though I must go, endure not yet/A breach, but an expansion,/Like gold to airy thinness beat."

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