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A simple timer to time blocks of code.

Returns an array containing the total time taken for all iterations (micros_total) and average time taken per iteration (micros_average).

  • Syntax
timer(1) => { }
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Time a single iteration.


timer(1) => { sleep(5) }


array((micros = 5184.000000), (micros_average = 5184.000000))

To use the time taken on a block of code you can set the timer section to a variable. Then you can get the results like you would normally.


	var('timeTaken') = timer(1) => {
		loop(1000000) => {

	'That section of code took ' + $timeTaken->first->second * .000001 + ' seconds.';


That section of code took 0.489982 seconds.

Time multiple iterations.


timer(1000) => { sleep(5) }


array((micros = 5276669.000000), (micros_average = 5276.669000))

  • Tips

When testing small chunks of code the more iterations you use the more acturate the average will be. 10,000+ is good for tiny portions of code.

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