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[ trait_readBytes->readBytesFully ]


This method will read and return the indicated number of bytes. It will attempt to read and return no less than the number of bytes indicated by #count (the first parameter). If no #timeout (the second parameter) is specified, or it is -1, this method will wait indefinitely for the requested number of bytes to be available. If #timeout is specified, it indicates the number of MILLISECONDS to wait for the indicated number of bytes to be read. If this timeout expires before #count bytes have been read, the #timeoutCallback (third parameter), if given, is invoked and passed the bytes which had been read up to that point. The method then returns those bytes as the result of the method.

If a network disconnection or other networking error occurs during this method, the method will generate a failure.

  • Syntax
trait_readBytes->readBytesFully(count::integer, timeoutMillis::integer, timeoutCallback)

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