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[ xml_element->getattributenode ]


The [xml_element->getattributenode] method returns the specified attribute from an xml_element.

The method returns an object of type xml_attr

  • Syntax
xml_element->getattributenode( 'attribute_name' )
  • Beginner

Get an attribue node from an xml_element

This example uses the [xml_element->getattributenode] method to return the attribute 'day' from the xml_element 'vacation'.


var(vacationDays = xml('<vacation day="21" weekday="Friday" month="March">
</vacation>') )

var( myAttribute = $vacationDays->getattributenode('day') )

'myAttribute: '+$myAttribute+', is type '+$myAttribute->type


myAttribute:  day="23", is type xml_attr

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