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Terms & Conditions for Ordering Products from LassoSoft Inc.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment options include VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, pre-approved educational purchase orders (payable by check immediately upon receipt of product), and prepayment by check, money order or pre-approved automatic funds transfer. Payments received by wire must include a $30.00 CAD wire transfer fee in addition to the payment for the order.

Refund Policy

We work with our customers to the best of our ability to make sure that they are satisfied with our products. Lasso Server Software can be evaluated for free for testing before purchase. All sales are final. No returns or refunds. By making a purchase (whether directly or through reseller) buyer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Licensing Terms

Prior to placing your new or upgrade product purchase, please read and accept the terms in the licensing agreement for each product. These agreements are available in the product information area on the LassoSoft Web site or included within evaluation versions downloadable from the LassoSoft Web site.

Support Terms

LassoSoft provides technical support only for LassoSoft products. Limited free configuration and installation support is provided as specified via LassoSoft support policies. Additional support is available payable with VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Visit the LassoSoft Support page for additional details.

Patronage Terms

Contributions made through the LassoSoft Patron option do not guarantee delivery of a Patron's request. All work considered under Patron contribution must be agreed to in writing by the CEO of LassoSoft Inc or their appointed authorized officer.

Purchase Orders 

We accept PO's from accredited educational institutions. Proof of educational institution status is required prior to purchase.  PO's must be paid in Canadian dollars, or by a mutually agreed equivalent that includes all exchange rates, fees and bank charges. PO's incur an administrative cost of $145CAD to account for manual license processing. Where a PO is to be paid by cheque that is not CAD an additional 4% fee for currency conversion costs will be specified and added to the PO and the current conversion amount set at the sell amount specified by LassoSofts bank on the day of PO. PO's must be emailed to Cheques are payable to LassoSoft Inc, 567 Davis Drive, Newmarket, L3Y 2P5, Ontario, Canada. Terms are Net 15 days from date of invoice. Past-due invoices will incur a monthly 10% fee on unpaid balance. Licenses are released only on clearance of deposited funds.

Non-Automated Transactions

LassoSoft may at its sole discretion agree to receive payments through alternative or non-automated payment sources. All non-automated payments incur a $145CAD administrative fee for manual license generation. Non-automated licenses may take up to 5 business days to be delivered. Funds not received in CAD will incur a 4% surcharge for currency conversion costs.

Educational Discounts

As of September 1, 2016 LassoSoft no longer offers a fixed discount or incentive on LassoSoft products sold directly to accredited educational institutions. Bulk purchases may qualify for a discount or incentive. Contact us for more details.

Promotional Discounts

From time-to-time LassoSoft may offer products at a special discount. Discounted offers cannot be combined with other discount programs (e.g. CLD, Educational, Hosting Partner, Lasso Patron discounts) unless specified otherwise and are subject to the terms included in each individual promotion.


Applicable sales tax will be added automatically to any purchase based on ownership of goods being assigned to the purchaser on completion of transaction at our servers in Ontario, incurring the Ontario 13% HST except where:

• You do not live in Canada
• Your company is not registered in Canada
• The controlling managers of your company do not live in Canada
• You are not a member of the Canadian Armed forces or employee of the Canadian Government or Crown corporation

For US based organizations who must have a W-8 form from LassoSoft Inc., you can right click and save this to your desktop here W-8

Shipping and Handling

In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible, LassoSoft's Software does not come as boxed goods. All software products and documentation are available exclusively as electronic downloads.

Memberships are renewable subscriptions, with online only purchase and approval notification.

From time to time, ancillary merchandise may be offered for sale. Shipping costs will be clearly stated, and shipping terms where not otherwise specified are that good will be shipped within 7 days of receipt of payment and may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered by surface mail internationally.


Please contact LassoSoft, Inc.

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