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Ticket #7788: regexp->split crashes with more than 99 matches

Reported by:
Brad Lindsay
12 Aug, 2014
Lasso 9
I have code that is designed to render a Markdown document as HTML. For larger files, it inevitably crashes with a segmentation fault and I can't figure out why. While trying to troubleshoot where it's having problems parsing the document, it doesn't always crash in the same spot. This leads me to think that it's not an issue with my code.

To duplicate the crash, check out the Github repository and run the test:
$> git clone
$> cd markdown
$> lasso9 tests/markdown_tests.lasso

I've attached the crash log from OS X, but I've seen it segfault on both OS X with 9.2.7 and Ubuntu with 9.2.6


22 Aug, 2014 by Brad Lindsay
I forgot that you need to checkout the correct branch after you clone. Full steps should be:

$> git clone
$> cd markdown
$> git checkout -b troubleshooting origin/troubleshooting
$> lasso9 tests/markdown_tests.lasso
08 Jan, 2015 by Jonathan Guthrie
Still produces segfault with Lasso 9.3.0 RC3

-bash-3.2$ LASSO9_PRINT_FAILURES=1 lasso9 tests/markdown_tests.lasso
Backslash escapes
Segmentation fault: 11

19 Sep, 2015 by Eric Knibbe
It seems to only fail on test files that are longer than 100 lines. Also, saw this:
lasso9(59132,0x109cd5000) malloc: *** error for object 0x7ffc000000000001: pointer being freed was not allocated
*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
Abort trap: 6
22 Sep, 2015 by Eric Knibbe
It seems that regexp->split is limited to no more than 99 matches:
>: regexp(-input='ab'*100, -find='b')->split
Segmentation fault: 11
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