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Ticket #8017: Can't search FMS database for 'vps'

Reported by:
Jeff Marett
17 Jun, 2016
Lasso 9
CentOS 7
Issue reported by Jeff Marett (
Company: E Street Communications, Inc.

Component: Lasso 9 Server
Version: 9.3.1
Platform: CentOS 7
Source IP:

I'm running FMS 15 on OS X 10.11.5.

When I query a knowledge base DB I have for 'vps', nothing is returned when I know there is an article with the query. I've simplified the lasso code into a simple search:


To test the record isn't corrupt in the DB, I created a simple article with just 'vps' in the searchable text.

When I enter the text into a search form and perform the search, found count returns zero and no errors are reported.

To test further I have entered numerous short abbreviations, abc, vbt, vbr, vp, vs, and on and on. ALL of these return the article I created. It's ONLY when vps is searched for that nothing is returned.

I have no idea if this is a lasso or FMS issue. When I search natively with FMP the record is returned correctly.



17 Jun, 2016 by Jeff Marett
I should add, one of the real articles that doesn't show up when searching for 'vps' uses the phrase 'managed vps' in it. We have only one article with that phrase. We have multiple articles that include 'managed' and when searching they are all returned, including the one with ' managed vps'. If I narrow the search query using 'managed vps', the return is just the one article with that phrase as you would expect. So apparently the more complex query is able to use 'vps' to narrow the records returned, but using only 'vps' as a search query doesn't work.

17 Jun, 2016 by Jeff Marett
If I use native XML queries to the DB:

The correct articles are returned.

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