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Ticket #8022: Serve PDF from FileMaker Container Field to HTML client

Reported by:
Rachel Arneson
23 Aug, 2016
Lasso 9
Issue Report from Rachel Arneson (
Company: Sioux City Foundry Co.

Component: Lasso 9 Server
Version: 9.3.1
Source IP:

Good afternoon!
I am working on trying to serve a pdf in a Filemaker container field using lasso, but I can’t seem to get it to work.
We are using FileMaker 15 with filemaker server and Lasso 9.2. I have tried numerous different ways based on 8.5/8.6 and 9.2 language guides and have not found the right solution. It doesn’t seem that Lasso 9.2 recognizes the [Database_FMContainer] syntax. Is there anyone that can help me with syntax to find a solution?
I have tried using the [pdf_serve] and [web_response->sendfile] methods, but it doesn't bring anything back to HTML.. just a blank pdf file.
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