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Ticket #8027: support for LDAPS

Reported by:
Steve Piercy
21 Jan, 2017
Lasso 9
macOS 10.12.2
Issue reported by Steve Piercy (
Company: Steve Piercy - Website Builder

Component: Lasso 9 Server
Version: 9.3.2b4
Platform: macOS 10.12.2
Source IP:


I have an LDAPS server I can test against.


Does the Lasso 9 `ldap` type support LDAPS?

If not, is `sys_process` my only option?

And if `sys_process` is my only option, does anyone have a working example of LDAPS for Lasso 9?

The sample code here, slightly modified, fails on connection.

local(my_ldap) = ldap
// 636 is secure port
fail_if(#my_ldap->code != 0, #my_ldap->code, 'LDAP Error ' + #my_ldap->code)
#my_ldap->authenticate('myusername', 'mysecretpassword')
fail_if(#my_ldap->code != 0, #my_ldap->code, 'LDAP Error ' + #my_ldap->code)
#my_ldap->search('ou=People,o=myorg', ldap_scope_subtree, '(objectClass=*)')
fail_if(#my_ldap->code != 0, #my_ldap->code, 'LDAP Error ' + #my_ldap->code)
local(my_result) = #my_ldap->results

Not having a proper default certificate bundle installed might be part of the issue.

When I use curl on the production environment, I must the `-k` option.

[spiercy@production ~]$ curl "ldaps://,o=myorg" -u "cn=GeneralLookupAccount,ou=LookupAccounts,ou=sa,o=myorg" -k
(list of CAs elided)
DN: ou=People,o=myorg
objectClass: organizationalUnit
objectClass: ndsLoginProperties
objectClass: ndsContainerLoginProperties
objectClass: Top


27 Jan, 2017 by Eric Knibbe
It doesn't look like it's supported in the module sources, but looking at the LDAP API, it probably involves calling `ldap_start_tls` at some point. Do you have any code examples from elsewhere that use that call?
21 Mar, 2017 by hulk hogan
21 Mar, 2017 by hulk hogan
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