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NOTE: If you are using Lasso Server 9.3 please Log your ticket directly via the LUX admin as this will give us more information about your issue.

Lasso 9 Issues

ID Summary Defect Reporter Status Created
7788 regexp->split crashes with more than 99 matches Defect Brad Lindsay assigned 12 Aug, 2014
7777 CDATA sections should be ignored by parser Defect Eric Knibbe assigned 10 Jul, 2014
7749 Feature request: inline parameter for raw query with FileMaker Feature Request Johan Solve new 03 Apr, 2014
7739 Accessing Properties in a Thread Object's Method Defect smiller assigned 25 Mar, 2014
7730 Access to overloaded trait methods Feature Request Brad Lindsay new 11 Mar, 2014
7686 Access match value inside its capture using #1 Feature Request Brad Lindsay new 07 Feb, 2014
7669 Automatic Deployment Feature Request Steve Piercy new 19 Jan, 2014
7663 LCAPI types do not get default empty onCreate() Defect Kyle Jessup new 30 Dec, 2013
7637 The pdf_doc->getColor Method Returns Unexpected Value Defect Brad Lindsay new 01 Nov, 2013
7580 re-target operator may cause problems without semicolon Defect Eric Knibbe new 04 Sep, 2013
7571 Have rest-only signatures act as catchall Feature Request Bil Corry new 26 Aug, 2013
7566 Can traits provide oncreate signatures for types? Feature Request Ke Carlton new 23 Aug, 2013
7563 Return type constraints no longer functional? Defect Ke Carlton assigned 21 Aug, 2013
7545 Feature request: .('this') vs .invoke('this') Feature Request Jonathan Guthrie new 07 Jun, 2013
7519 PDF Creation: make images linkable Feature Request Jonathan Guthrie new 26 Mar, 2013
7488 _lasso user's primary group shouldn't have to match web folder group Defect Eric Knibbe new 08 Jan, 2013
7472 Unexpected Behavior When Yielding in a Loop Defect Brad Lindsay new 19 Nov, 2012
7411 Odd result from query expression on nested data using multiple "with" statements Defect Brad Lindsay assigned 06 Jun, 2012
7408 Methods fail if optional param omitted and keyword param supplied Defect Jonathan Guthrie assigned 05 Jun, 2012
7394 Can't access a field value after -add in an inline Defect Paul Higgins assigned 30 May, 2012
7383 IIS virtual directories not respected Feature Request Paul Higgins assigned 22 May, 2012
7368 MySQL BIT column type Feature Request Kyle Jessup new 15 Jul, 2011
7364 Using 'loop' within ->forEach not working correctly Defect Kyle Jessup new 29 Jun, 2011
7363 Redefining Inheritance Leaks Feature Request Paul Higgins new 29 Jun, 2011
7349 Optional param problem with thread objects Defect Kyle Jessup new 13 Apr, 2011
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