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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
30 Jun, 2006  [mm_wordcount] String Miles Xx
18 Nov, 2006  [dictionary] A basic dictionary type. Data Type Jason Huck
26 Apr, 2006  [csv] A basic type for working with CSV files. Data Type Jason Huck
26 Mar, 2007  [rss] A basic type for working with RSS feeds. Data Type Jason Huck
16 Jan, 2006  [valid_email2] A better email validation tag. Email Alex Pilson
09 Aug, 2008  [autoctype] A custom type used to simple create a type from a table Custom Tag Richard Moore
23 Jul, 2007  [LI_UnreferencedFiles] A file management aid that displays which files in a directory are not referenced by any .lasso or .inc file. Useful for weeding out old, unreferenced files. File Eric Landmann
11 Oct, 2013  [Multi-key map->find] A map->find addition which returns values for multiple keys. Utility Kyle Jessup
12 Sep, 2012  [l9_header_nocache] A refinement/rework of Bil Cory's lp_header_nocache, this works natively with Lasso 9's web_response object Utility Jonathan Guthrie
06 Aug, 2012  [regexp->forEachMatch] A simple eacher for regular expression matching String Brad Lindsay
18 Jun, 2008  [FTP_DeleteFile] A tag to delete a file from an FTP server. Utility Gary Sprague
27 Feb, 2007  [response_header] A type to get and set HTTP response header values. Response Jason Huck
26 Aug, 2006  [lp_header_noPrefetch] Aborts the page if the page is prefetched by a browser. Utility Bil Corry
18 Oct, 2008  [google_chart] Accesses Google's Chart API Utility Randy Phillips
27 Oct, 2008  [google_map] Accesses Google's Static Map API Utility Randy Phillips
29 Sep, 2010  [Shell_9] Adaptation of Jason Huck's Shell tag for Lasso 8.5 Technical Jonathan Guthrie
02 Aug, 2007  [zoneedit_cname] Add, remove, and list cnames for the given zone at ZoneEdit. Utility Jason Huck
22 Nov, 2011  [trim(9)] Adding optional param to string -> trim String Jolle Carlestam
12 Sep, 2012  [jc_eachVisibleFilePathRecursive] Additions to dir to only deal with visible files and directories File Jolle Carlestam
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_creategroup] Adds a new group to Lasso Admin. Administration Jason Huck
27 Dec, 2006  [smtp_send8] Adds bounce control to [email_send] Email Johan Solve
04 Jun, 2010  [time] Allows formatting of time values in the same way that Date Jolle Carlestam
29 Apr, 2007  [Admin_AssignDatabaseToGroup] Allows you to quickly assign a database and it's tables to a specific group Administration Adam Randall
03 Dec, 2005  [lp_protect_break] Allows you to skip a section of code, just place [protect] around the part to skip over. Error Bil Corry
04 Mar, 2007  [site_refresh] Alternate method for restarting the current Lasso Site programmatically. Administration Jason Huck
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