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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
29 Apr, 2007  [Admin_AssignDatabaseToGroup] Allows you to quickly assign a database and it's tables to a specific group Administration Adam Randall
16 Apr, 2007  [fletcher] Displays a random picture of the elusive Fletcher Sandbeck Tags Greg Hemphill
01 Apr, 2007  [weatherbug_getLocation] Returns the location information of the given zip code. Utility Shelane French
29 Mar, 2007  [string_wrap] Wraps a string to the specified length. String Jason Huck
26 Mar, 2007  [rss] A basic type for working with RSS feeds. Data Type Jason Huck
23 Mar, 2007  [jina_encode_apos] Escapes apstrophes in text strings Encoding Jolle Carlestam
16 Mar, 2007  [compiler_nocache] Immediately removes the current page from the compiler cache after processing. Technical Jason Huck
15 Mar, 2007  [yahoo_search] Returns search results via Yahoo! Utility Jason Huck
08 Mar, 2007  [lp_site_restart] Restarts the current Lasso site. Utility Bil Corry
08 Mar, 2007  [lp_site_isStarting] Returns true when the site starting up. Utility Bil Corry
04 Mar, 2007  [site_refresh] Alternate method for restarting the current Lasso Site programmatically. Administration Jason Huck
03 Mar, 2007  [include_global] Include variant that looks for target file outsode of root File Johan Solve
27 Feb, 2007  [directory_tree] Creates nested unordered lists of files/folders within the given path. File Jason Huck
27 Feb, 2007  [response_header] A type to get and set HTTP response header values. Response Jason Huck
05 Feb, 2007  [server_type] Returns the type of web server as reported in the HTTP response header. Utility Jason Huck
29 Jan, 2007  [IDcrypt] Encrypts or Decrypts integer values Encryption Pier Kuipers
28 Jan, 2007  [pk_stringtointeger] Converts a string to an integer based on numeric characters in the string String Pier Kuipers
24 Jan, 2007  [found_rows] Returns proper found count also when using -uselimit Database Johan Solve
16 Jan, 2007  [string_removehtml] Strips HTML from the given string. String Jason Huck
27 Dec, 2006  [smtp_send8] Adds bounce control to [email_send] Email Johan Solve
21 Dec, 2006  [xs_isError] xs_isError handles error reporting in a one-line fashion. Error Jonathan Guthrie
29 Nov, 2006  [error_reset] Shortcut to reset the current error message and code. Error Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassignpath] Assigns the given path to the given group. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassigndatabase] Assigns the specified database to the specified group. Administration Jason Huck
21 Nov, 2006  [admin_groupassignhost] Assigns the specified host to the specified group. Administration Jason Huck
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