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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
05 Aug, 2015  [web_request_params] Fast friendly implementation to work with web_request->params Action Ke Carlton
14 Aug, 2013  [string->ascii] Returns only the ASCII characters in a string. String Ke Carlton
25 Jul, 2013  [every] Restricts blocks from executing more frequently than the specified number of seconds. Action Ke Carlton
10 Jul, 2013  [image->ishex] Check if an image is a solid colour (specified by a hex value) Image Ke Carlton
09 Jul, 2013  [file->getattr] Get custom attribute from a file Action Ke Carlton
09 Jul, 2013  [file->setattr] Set a custom file attribute File Ke Carlton
17 Oct, 2012  [trait_serializable(auto)] Extension to trait_serializable which handles de/serialisation automatically. Session Ke Carlton
31 Aug, 2012  [stdin_hidden] Short term tag to hidden password input when using lasso cli. Action Ke Carlton
04 Oct, 2008  [client_postParam] Returns specified client POST parameter. Client Ke Carlton
04 Oct, 2008  [client_getParam] Returns specified client GET parameter. Client Ke Carlton
03 Oct, 2008  [isAjax] Simple tag to determine if the current request is from the XMLHTTPRequestObject Utility Ke Carlton
03 Oct, 2008  [field_list] Returns missing and unused fields within an inline. Database Ke Carlton
17 Aug, 2007  [Stress_URL] Run multi-threaded stress tests on any Lasso page. Technical Ke Carlton
02 May, 2007  [Async] Runs any tag asyncronisly with params, logging and reference modifying. Action Ke Carlton
16 Apr, 2006  [rgb_Row] Generates a transitional colour array and returns the appropriate colour for the current iteration Output Ke Carlton
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