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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
19 Aug, 2014  [Encode_JSON] Encode_JSON, Decode_JSON and associate tags fro Lasso 8.5 ONLY Utility Jonathan Guthrie
03 Oct, 2013  [response_localfolder(9)] Returns the absolute path to the current directory Response Jonathan Guthrie
14 Aug, 2013  [xs_cat] Nested Set content tags Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
23 Mar, 2013  [json_header] Alternative to content_type('application/json') that fixes MSIE. Utility Jonathan Guthrie
11 Dec, 2012  [lp_client_browser(9)] An experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_browser Client Jonathan Guthrie
11 Oct, 2012  [lp_client_isBot(9)] Experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_isBot to Lasso 9 Client Jonathan Guthrie
26 Sep, 2012  [xs_cat_9] xs_cat tags specific to Lasso 9 Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
18 Sep, 2012  [xs_genPwd] Generates a random password Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
18 Sep, 2012  [xs_genPwd(9)] Generates a random password, updated for Lasso 9 Action Jonathan Guthrie
12 Sep, 2012  [l9_header_nocache] A refinement/rework of Bil Cory's lp_header_nocache, this works natively with Lasso 9's web_response object Utility Jonathan Guthrie
20 Dec, 2010  [LEAP_makeLink] Parses a string for links to make clickable. String Jonathan Guthrie
06 Nov, 2010  [array_flip_9] Lasso 9 port of array_flip, plus implements array->flip. Inverts the key/value pairs in a pair array. Array Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [SHp_prowl_9] Lasso 9 Wrapper for the Prowl iPhone notification API Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [gravatar_9] Lasso 9 version of the gravatar tag Utility Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [string_truncate9] L9 version of String_Truncate String Jonathan Guthrie
29 Sep, 2010  [url_normalize_9] This tag can be used to convert a relative URL into an absolute one. Accepts two parameters: a base URL to compare against (representing the path to the file that calls the relative URL), and a relative URL to convert. String Jonathan Guthrie
29 Sep, 2010  [Shell_9] Adaptation of Jason Huck's Shell tag for Lasso 8.5 Technical Jonathan Guthrie
01 Apr, 2010  [LEAP_geoPlugin] This Lasso 9 data type uses the JSON Webservice of to geolocate IP addresses. Output Jonathan Guthrie
01 Jun, 2007  [xs_url] Stores an array of url components, incorporates tags to add components, remove, or tuncate... and to return an assembled path. Data Type Jonathan Guthrie
21 Dec, 2006  [xs_isError] xs_isError handles error reporting in a one-line fashion. Error Jonathan Guthrie
08 Mar, 2006  [xs_svn] Provides Subversion services to Lasso Custom Tag Jonathan Guthrie
08 Mar, 2006  [xs_sessionVars] Defines session vars from a supplied map and data type Session Jonathan Guthrie
16 Jan, 2006  [xs_responseFilePath] Takes a response file path and splits it up into the nav path. Response Jonathan Guthrie
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