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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
11 Dec, 2012  [lp_client_browser(9)] An experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_browser Client Jonathan Guthrie
11 Oct, 2012  [lp_client_isBot(9)] Experimental port of Bil Cory's lp_client_isBot to Lasso 9 Client Jonathan Guthrie
10 Nov, 2010  [client_params_9] Convient tag to get both post and get params Client Jolle Carlestam
13 Oct, 2009  [client_param_9] Replacement for action_param Client Jolle Carlestam
27 May, 2009  [client_real_ip] Returns real Client IP behind proxy, load balancer etc Client Johan Solve
26 Feb, 2009  [lp_client_browser] Returns the name, version and OS of the client browser in a map. Client Bil Corry
25 Feb, 2009  [lp_client_isBot] Returns true if client is a bot, spider, validator, robot or crawler. Client Bil Corry
04 Oct, 2008  [client_postParam] Returns specified client POST parameter. Client Ke Carlton
04 Oct, 2008  [client_getParam] Returns specified client GET parameter. Client Ke Carlton
13 May, 2008  [Xaren_Client_IP] Client_IP replacement that has subnet support Client Adam Randall
31 Mar, 2008  [lp_client_params] Returns an array of GET/POST parameters passed from the client. Client Bil Corry
21 Feb, 2008  [client_param] Inline-safe replacement for [action_param]. Client Jason Huck
03 Dec, 2007  [lp_client_isAJAX] Returns true if client is an AJAX (XHR) request. Client Bil Corry
13 Jul, 2007  [rp_param] Gets values from pair arrays. Client Randy Phillips
30 Oct, 2006  [lp_client_param] Returns the value of a client GET/POST parameter. Client Bil Corry
06 Sep, 2006  [client_host] Returns the Host from the request header Client Johan Solve
01 Jun, 2006  [request_isajax] Returns true if the request header specifies XMLHttpRequest. Client Jason Huck
01 Jun, 2006  [request_params] Returns a map of items in the client request header. Client Jason Huck
16 Jan, 2006  [client_params] Merged array of [client_getparams] and [client_postparams]. Client Jason Huck
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