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Modified Tag Name Summary Category Author
24 Jun, 2014  [sp_string_random] Returns a string of random alphanumeric characters String Steve Piercy
11 Jun, 2014  [valid_nanp] Tests whether a telephone number is valid and optionally formats it. String Steve Piercy
29 Jan, 2014  [string->encodeBash] Returns the string encoded such that it can be given to bash as a literal command line argument. String Kyle Jessup
14 Aug, 2013  [string->ascii] Returns only the ASCII characters in a string. String Ke Carlton
06 Aug, 2012  [regexp->forEachMatch] A simple eacher for regular expression matching String Brad Lindsay
03 Apr, 2012  [Phone] Formats 10 digit input as a US Phone Number. String Seth Ganahl
06 Feb, 2012  [pk_blackorwhitefromhex] returns String Pier Kuipers
22 Nov, 2011  [trim(9)] Adding optional param to string -> trim String Jolle Carlestam
20 Dec, 2010  [LEAP_makeLink] Parses a string for links to make clickable. String Jonathan Guthrie
05 Nov, 2010  [string_truncate9] L9 version of String_Truncate String Jonathan Guthrie
29 Sep, 2010  [url_normalize_9] This tag can be used to convert a relative URL into an absolute one. Accepts two parameters: a base URL to compare against (representing the path to the file that calls the relative URL), and a relative URL to convert. String Jonathan Guthrie
07 Sep, 2010  [mf_datetime] Returns the given date in the datetime design pattern microformat. String Jason Huck
21 Jun, 2010  [lsd_string_replacemultiple] Replaces values in a string using an array of pairs for search, replace String Brad Lindsay
02 Mar, 2010  [mp_validHexColor] Validates input string determining if it is a valid hex color (returns TRUE/FALSE). String Marc Pinnell
19 Jan, 2010  [stripSpChars] Strip bad characters out from a string String Stiti Samantaray
30 Jun, 2009  [LSD_String_ToDuration] Converts a string with more natural language to a duration String Brad Lindsay
24 Jun, 2009  [string_truncate_fade] Truncates a string using a fade out effect String Johan Solve
20 May, 2009  [indx_exMailClean] Cleans-up mail addresses that have extended characters String Clive Bruton
30 Oct, 2008  [encode_rtf] Encodes plain text and some html tags for use in rtf documents String Johan Solve
25 Sep, 2008  [stripbackticks] Removes ` form strings, making them safe to use for MySQL object names String Johan Solve
22 Sep, 2008  [url_normalize] Given a base URL, converts the given relative URL to absolute. String Jason Huck
29 Aug, 2008  [RD_entityEncode] Encodes a string as decimal or hexadecimal entities String Wade Maxfield
10 Jul, 2008  [text_to_url] Tag to make URL and MAILTO: links from a text input or field. String Asle Benoni
19 Mar, 2008  [lp_string_firstwords] Returns the first series of words in a string, up to a max length. String Bil Corry
04 Jan, 2008  [string_truncate2] Truncates the given string to the given number of characters. String Jason Huck
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