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AuthorJason Huck
Posted30 Jan 2006
Updated21 Mar 2006
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This is simply a shortcut for creating a string like:

Items 1 through 20 of 100 found, sorted by name.

Handy for use in concert with [results_table] and [results_navigation].

Sample Usage

inline( ... );

Source Code

Click the "Download" button below to retrieve a copy of this tag, including the complete documentation and sample usage shown on this page. Place the downloaded ".inc" file in your LassoStartup folder, restart Lasso, and you can begin using this tag immediately.

	-description='Combination of search results status tags.'
	local('sf' = sort_fielditem);
	#sf != null ? #sf->replace('_',' ')&titlecase;
	local('out' = '
Items ' + shown_first + ' through ' + shown_last + ' of ' + found_count + ' found' + (#sf != null? ', sorted by ' + #sf + '') + '.
\n'); return(@#out); /define_tag;

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21 Mar 2006, Jason Huck

Bug Fix

Fixed an issue where the tag would error if used where the value of [sort_fielditem] was null.

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