About FileMaker Pro Talk

FileMaker Talk is an email discussion forum for discussion of the FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server database products from FileMaker, Inc.

The list server relays messages from members of the forum to all of the participants. Responses are directed back to the forum so everyone can read the discussion. Since forums like this can generate many messages there are two ways to subscribe. In "Individual" mode each message will be sent to you as soon as it is received by the list server. In "Digest" mode a days worth of messages will be collected and sent as a single message. The list server will send multiple digests in a single day if necessary to keep the size of the digests reasonable.

More Information

If you have any problems with your subscription or unsubscribing from the list please send a message to the list master at listmaster@lassosoft.com.

Questions or comments about this Listsearch service can be directed to listmaster@listsearch.com.


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