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File Tags

This page contains information regarding the usage of file tags in Lasso Professional.

File Permissions

Setting up File Tag Permissions in Lasso Professional 8.1+ on Mac OS X

Steve Piercy published a step-by-step guide, the most current version of which is available at:

This article contains instructions on how to set up file tag permissions in Lasso Professional 8.1+ on Mac OS X. Steps that are not specific to Mac OS X may be useful for other operating systems, and even those steps may be adapted. In other words the process to work with the file tags in Lasso is pretty much the same regardless of the operating system, although there are minor differences in the details of OS-specific steps. For complete information, please consult the Lasso Professional Language Guide and Mac OS X Tips that are included in the directory:

~/Applications/Lasso Professional 8/Documentation/

File Uploads

The following is a brief description of the file upload process in Lasso.

  • Client selects a file to upload through a web form.
  • Client uploads a file to the web server, which is stored in a temporary file in


  • After the upload is complete, Lasso begins processing the result.
  • When processing of the page is complete, the temporary file in

is automatically deleted.

In general, you should copy the temporary file out of



before they are destroyed.

At the end of the file permissions guide published by Steve Piercy, there are two code samples for testing. The first sample tests whether file permissions have been correctly established. The second tests whether file uploads merely work. Both code samples are extremely basic and lack sufficient error checking that would be required in a production environment, but they are sufficient for learning how file tags work and are a good starting point.

Author: Steve Piercy
Created: 28 Mar 2008
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2011

Please note that periodically LassoSoft will go through the notes and may incorporate information from them into the documentation. Any submission here gives LassoSoft a non-exclusive license and will be made available in various formats to the Lasso community.

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