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LDAP Authentication OSX

This article explains LDAP authentication against an OSX 10.4 LDAP server - expanding on the docs.

The docs are fairly light in terms of LDAP authentication examples, one issue is that the format of the username generally is not a simple username (ie. BSmith) it appears OSX requires a full LDAP path to authenticate a user.

Example below:

local('LDAP') = LDAP('');



In order to handle failed authentications you will need to handle errors via the protect tags or within a custom function like so:

   -req = 'domain',
   -req = 'username',
   -req = 'password';
     'LDAP' = LDAP(#domain),
     'path' = 'uid='#username',cn=users,dc='
              + #domain->split('.')->join(',dc=')



     return:#LDAP->error == 0 && error_code == 0;




It's possible that this also applies to other LDAP servers but I have not had the opportunity to test against any others.

Author: Ke Carlton
Created: 14 May 2009
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2011


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