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Lasso 8.5 64-Bit Connector for Apache 2.0

Tested on Lasso 8.5.1 on CentOS Linux running Dual 64-Bit AMD Opteron processors.

Download the Connector

Download Connector
64-Bit Lasso Connector for Lasso 8.5 Linux  

SSH into your server, wget the file and unpack it:

user $ ssh root@       (replace with your IP, duh) 

# wget
# tar -zxf Lasso64BitConnector.tar.gz


Copy the connector to the right place and restart Apache and you are hopefully done.

# cp Lasso64BitConnector/ /usr/lib64/httpd/modules 

# apachectl graceful


If everything works, you can stop here.  Otherwise, you will need to compile the connector (recommended for advanced command-line users only).

Compiling the 64-Bit Connector

You must have gcc and all the httpd-dev tools already installed.  If you don't, this will install everything you need to do it:

# yum install gcc-4.1.1-30 gcc-c++-4.1.1 gcc-c++-3.4.7 gcc-g77-3.4.6-3 gcc-java-3.4.6-3 httpd* 
apache2* libstdc++ libxml2 libxslt


Next go to the directory of the Lasso Connector source code:

# cd "/usr/local/Lasso Professional 8/Documentation/3 - Language Guide/Examples/LCAPI/Connectors/
Lasso Connector for Apache 2"


Replace line 10 of the make file with this. Note that this is also modified to include the Plesk directory if you are using Plesk. It's ok if you are not using Plesk. If you are using another Control Panel, you may have to alter that path to your Apache Include directory:

# nano makefile


replace line 10 with this (this is 1 LINE! make sure there is no return in there):

Linux_CFLAGS += -I/usr/local/psa/admin/include/ -I/usr/include/httpd -I/usr/
include/apr-0 -Wno-multichar -DMACHINE_LINUX=1 -fPIC 


Note: to exit from Nano, press CONTROL-O and then CONTROL-X Now Make the Connector. If you get errors, look at the output, it should give you some clues. If not, just ask me for some help.

# make


If it compiled correctly, now copy the connector to it's place and restart Apache:

# cp /usr/lib64/httpd/modules
# apachectl graceful

Author: Marc Pope
Created: 25 Feb 2009
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2011


Author: Marc Pope with assistance from Adam Randall


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