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Lasso Professional 8.6 Features and Fixes

This page summarizes the changes made in the final release of Lasso Professional 8.6. Visit the Lasso Professional 8.6 download page for the latest official version. Further change notes are on the current release here.


Added JSON tags from the TotW. (#7337)

The fix to 7328 also led to identifying and delivering improved connection speed

Changed log growth behaviour. When LassoErrors.txt reaches 10MB in size, it will be trimmed down to 5MB with newer entries retained. (also relates to issue #7319)

New Supported Versions

Lasso 8.6 is recompiled to support the following operating systems and architectures:

  • Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 i386/ppc
  • CentOS 5.5 i386/x86_64
  • Windows 32-bit


- Updated site admin links to support at lassosoft

- Fixed issue where [Math_Abs] was incorrectly rounding numbers. (#7344)

- Fixed issue where private member variables can not be accessed from within inlines. (#7343)

- Fixed issue where the Apache 2.2 connector was consuming 100% of the CPU. (#7333) 

- Fixed issue where Lasso would return a 500 error page with content of a certain length. (#7332)

- Fixed issue where the -tableEncoding parameter was ignored in the MySQL connector. (#7331)

- Fixed PDF issues and incorporated Bil Cory's fixes

- Fixed issue where Lasso would spawn extra "zombie" process when a site crashed. (#7328)

- Fixed CentOS 5.5 64 Bit 

- Fixed file_probeEOL now works properly when given either string or bytes objects

- Fixed Lasso Unicode where 4 Byte characters are not inserted in SQL statements (7107)

- Fixed typo in LJAX header that repored X-JLAX. (#7105)

- Fixed issue where Lasso would crash when trying to unserialize invalid XML. (#7086)

- Fixed issue where unsigned 32-bit integers were being treated as signed when being serialized. (#6984)

- Fixed issue with resetting the serveradmin password (6920)

- Fixed issue with default error.lasso deprecated tag

- Fixed issue where [Currency] was outputting incorrectly. (#6699)

- Fixed issue where [Math_Abs] returned strange results when passed an empty string. Now returns 0. (#6643)

- Fixed issue where [Date] did not return current date when passed an empty string. (#6562)

- Fixed threading issue in LJAPI.

- Fixed issue where Oracle connector crashed Lasso when using -add or -update.

- Fixed issue where PostgreSQL connector crashed Lasso when using -add or -update.

- Fixed issue where PostgreSQL return decimals with a precision of 65000+ places.
- Fixed issue with PostgreSQL and UFT-8 data.
- Fixed very small memory leak (1 byte) in MySQL connector.

- The Lasso installer no longer configures the Default site on IIS. It now creates a virtual directory. (See Release Notes.txt)

General Notices

  - Closed: Email_send delays: caused by dependence on speed of quoted-printable encoding that was since moved to native code.

- Closed Map-> RemoveAll Fail. Maps don't support this. They rely on each key being unique, so if a match is found, map believes it's the only match.


Investigation was continued on:

- 7336 Update Internal Cache Tags

- 7334 Update Internal Libraries

- 7327 Admin notification of email queue growth

- 7325 Lasso consumes memory

- 7324 Lasso does not automatically restart after a crash in CentOS 5

- 7323 DNS Deafness. Detailed review of instances of this did not lead to any identifiable and fixable cause. Issue Pending More Information  

- Lasso Connector for Apache 2.2 not loading on Windows XP.

- Oracle connector does not currently support UTF-8 data.


Missing Release Notes?

by Bakr Mustafa, 29 August 2012

I have seen Lasso 8.6.1 in the download Area, which is newer than

Is it the same ?

Great Upgrade

by Bakr Mustafa, 28 August 2012

As with Lasso 8.5.6; I used to restart the service on windows often; due to a strange unknown internal exception error that used to show after doing exhaustive mysql queries...

As with Lasso 8.6; I can say based on my initial testing that is more rock solid; so far I did not face any such issue.

Keep up the good work

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