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Lasso 9.2 Scheduler

Please note: this release is *beta* software, and is intended for use with Lasso Server 9.2 only. it is not distributed as part of the standard Lasso Server installation and must be manually installed.

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Place the downloaded and extracted scheduler.lassoapp in the instance LassoApps directory and restart the instance.

To enable the Scheduler for all instances on the server, place the scheduler.lassoapp in the global home LassoApps directory and restart all instances.


Programatic control

The Lasso 9 Scheduler programatic API is designed to be backwards compatible with Lasso 8.6 usage. This means that historical usage of the [event_schedule] tag is analagous to the Lasso 9.2 [event_schedule] method. 

Note that these methods are only available if the scheduler.lassoapp file is present in the instance's LassoApp directory.

The [event_schedule] method documentation is found here:

Please note that periodically LassoSoft will go through the notes and may incorporate information from them into the documentation. Any submission here gives LassoSoft a non-exclusive license and will be made available in various formats to the Lasso community.

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