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Lasso Server 9.2 for Windows Installation

Supported platforms

Lasso Server 9 has been tested on 64 bit Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Supported web servers are IIS 7, IIS 8 and Apache 2.2. 

Note: Windows Vista is not an officially-supported operating system.


The latest downloads can be found on the main Lasso Server 9 Downloads page.

Before installing

Important: Beta versions of Lasso Server 9.1 must be uninstalled before installing Lasso Server 9.2.

Lasso Server 9.2 requires the following Microsoft updates:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x64) (bundled with installer)

  • Servers running IIS 7 need ISAPI enabled. 

    • For Windows Server, use the Roles Wizard to add 'ISAPI Extensions' and 'ISAPI Filters' under Web Server > Application Development. 

    • For other Windows versions, open Control Panel > Programs and Features and click 'Turn Windows features on or off', then under 'Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Application Development Features', enable 'ISAPI Extensions' and 'ISAPI Filters'.

Installing Lasso Server 9.2

Download the correct latest Lasso Server 9 installer for your server selecting IIS or Apache version, and run the included installer package.

Configuring IIS 7 & 8

To configure IIS 7 or 8 manually :

  • Open the IIS Manager.
  • Select your computer name from the nodes on the left.
  • Select a web site from the nodes on the left.
  • In the main window, scroll down to and select 'Handler Mappings'.
  • Select 'Add Script Map'.
    • In the 'Add Script Map' dialog box, enter these values:
    • Request Path: *.lasso
    • Executable: C:\Windows\system32\isapi_lasso9.dll
    • Name: Lasso9Handler

To configure access to the InstanceManger and Administration:

  • Open the IIS Manager
  • Select your computer name from the nodes on the left.
  • Select a web site from nodes on the left. (Right-click)
  • Select Add Application...
    • Alias: lasso9
    • Application Pool: Select appropriate pool
      • Generally DefaultAppPool is acceptable
    • Physical Path: C:\Program Files\LassoSoft\Lasso Instance Manager\www\
  • Select newly created application
    • Select Handler Mapping
      • Select Add Script Map
        • Request Path: *
        • Executable: C:\Windows\System32\isapi_lasso9.dll
        • Name: LassoAdmin

Configuring Apache 2.2

  • Copy the file C:\Program Files\LassoSoft\Lasso Instance Manager\home\LassoExecutables\mod_lasso9.dll into the Apache modules\ folder.
  • Copy the file C:\Program Files\LassoSoft\Lasso Instance Manager\home\LassoExecutables\mod_lasso9.conf into the Apache conf\ folder.
  • Edit the Apache httpd.conf file. Add the following line:
    • Include conf/mod_lasso9.conf
  • Restart Apache.
  • In a browser, open the configuration page at http://localhost/lasso9/instancemanager.

Configuring ImageMagick

  • Navigate to the ImageMagick downloads page.
  • Download and install ImageMagick-6.7.7-7-Q16-windows-x64-dll.exe .
  • Older version of ImageMagick can be downloaded here.
    • Downloads from the above site are at your own risk. LassoSoft Inc can not guarantee their contents nor their continued availability.
  • Restart Lasso.


  • Lasso Connector for IIS is not loading page.
    • The Application Pool for the site may be set to run 32-bit applications.
      • Edit Application Pool for site

        • Select Application Pool

        • Click Advanced Settings

        • Set "Enable 32-bit Applications' to False

  • Standard 500 error page is returned instead of Lasso's default error page.
    • IIS's 'HTTP Errors' feature may be enabled. To disable:
      • Win 2008
        • Open 'Server Manager'
        • Select 'Roles' node
        • Scroll to 'Web Server'
        • Click 'Remove Role Services'
        • Expand 'Web Server -> Common HTTP Features'
        • Uncheck 'HTTP Errors'
        • Continue through installation wizard
      • Win 7
        • Open 'Control Panel'
        • Click 'Programs'
        • Click 'Turn Windows features on or off'
        • Expand 'Internet Information Services -> World Wide Web Services -> Common HTTP Features'
        • Uncheck 'HTTP Errors'
        • Continue through installation wizard

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Please note that periodically LassoSoft will go through the notes and may incorporate information from them into the documentation. Any submission here gives LassoSoft a non-exclusive license and will be made available in various formats to the Lasso community.

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