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MAMP and Lasso 8.x

To get Lasso to work with MAMP, you'll need the MAMP Pro application. Once you have that, follow the instructions below. It should get Lasso working with the Apache installed by MAMP instead of the pre-installed version of Apache that comes with MacOS. Please note that MAMP is a MacOS X application only, so this won't work on any other platform.

First, move the module into the MAMP library. Here's the directory info:


Then, in MAMP PRO application, choose the File menu, then Edit Template, then the first item in the sub-menu: Apache httpd.conf, and add this to the bottom:

LoadModule lasso8_module /Applications/MAMP/Library/modules/

<Location ~ "^.*.[Ll][Aa][Ss][Ss][Oo]$"> SetHandler lasso8-handler </Location>

<Location ~ "^.*.[Ll][Aa][Ss][Ss][Oo][Aa][Pp][Pp]$"> SetHandler lasso8-handler </Location>

You have to make these changes to make Lasso work with the MAMP setup.

Author: Kevin Black
Created: 2 Dec 2008
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2011


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