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New User Tips

This article is intended to give developers who are new to Lasso, pointers on technique and tips to ease the learning curve. This is a collaborative document.

Tip 1. Use the Source

If you need to see many examples of how to write or format code to become familiar with Lasso syntax, look at TagSwap samples. 

You can learn much by looking at examples written by Bil Corry or Jason Huck in the TagSwap section of the LassoDocs site. 

Tip 2. Name Well

Bil has a method to his tag names that may be helpful for your coding.

Tag Naming - Tags are named in the format

[lp__] such as: lp_string_random



When the category and tagname are the same, I've opted to drop the tagname, such as

lp_protect (instead of lp_protect_protect)

The prefaced "lp_" makes it easy to spot that the tag is part of the Lasso.Pro library, the category allows easy sorting/finding - when you want a string function, look for anything beginning with "lp_string", when you want a math function, look for anything beginning with "lp_math".

Author: Nohl Lyons
Created: 18 Feb 2008
Last Modified: 16 Mar 2011


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