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SQL Rows by Page Number

Retrieve all rows for a givenpage number using LIMIT within a -sql inline.

When displaying search results from a -sql inline, it's often helpful to limit the number of hits, such as 10 per page. In order to grab the correct rows for each page, you must use LIMIT.

The formula for LIMIT, given a page number P where P={1,2,3,...,n} and R where R is the number of rows per page is:

   LIMIT (P-1)*R, R

So for example, say your pages each show 10 rows (R=10). Then the above formula would yield:

   Page 1 = LIMIT 0, 10
   Page 2 = LIMIT 10, 10
   Page 3 = LIMIT 20, 10

More about LIMIT is here:

Author: Bil Corry
Created: 18 Feb 2008
Last Modified: 3 Mar 2011


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