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Change Notes

Release: April 12, 2011


Lasso Professional is a free update to Lasso Professional 8.6.0 which is recommended for all users. This update includes important new functionality for the [Decimal] type.

Please read the release notes for Lasso Professional 8.6.0 which accompany these notes here.

Updated Features and Fixes

Added [Decimal_SetGlobalDefaultPrecision] tag to set global output precision for [Decimal] types.

Global precision can be overridden using the ->setFormat tag.


[Decimal_SetGlobalDefaultPrecision( Integer )]


74.0 + 0.232; // 74.232000
Decimal_SetGlobalDefaultPrecision( 2 );
74.0 + 0.232 // 74.23



The latest Lasso Professional 8.6 release can be downloaded from here.

Alternatively, browse all software downloads here.

Please note that periodically LassoSoft will go through the notes and may incorporate information from them into the documentation. Any submission here gives LassoSoft a non-exclusive license and will be made available in various formats to the Lasso community.

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