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The [Iterate] method loops through each element of a data type, such as an array or a map. A variable is set to the value of each element of the data type in turn. This allows the same operation to be performed on each element.

The first parameter to the [Iterate] method should be the data type through which iteration should be performed. The second parameter should be a reference to a variable that will be set to each item in turn. The second parameter is usually specified as local(VariableName).

The [Iterate] method can be used on any data type that supports the [...->Get] and [...->Size] methods including maps, pairs, arrays, and strings. Custom data types are also supported providing they support the required methods.

Note: The [Iterate] method can be used rather than using [Loop] on the size of an array and then [Array->Get] to fetch each particular item.

  • Syntax
iterate(Data Type, local(Variable Name))

iterate(Data Type, local(Variable Name)) => {
  • Beginner

To iterate through an array:

Use the [Iterate] method. In the following example each element of an array is output on a separate line.


local(a = array('Rhino','Kiwi','Platypus'))
iterate(#a, local(i))



To access the current iteration value:

Use [loop_value] within the [iterate] method.


local( x = 0 )

iterate( array(1,2,3) ) => {
  #x += loop_value




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