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About TagSwap

Sharing code such as custom types or methods leverages the strength of the Lasso community and empowers each individual developer to achieve more than they would achieve on their own. It shortens the software development cycle by reusing the best methods and spreads best practice for a variety of situations.

What are custom types and methods?

Types and methods encapsulates code with standard input and output making it portable, reliable and easier to use. TagSwap code expands or replaces Lassos built in types and methods enabling a more tailor suited environment for your applications.

Code that is published on TagSwap is open source and available for everyone.

How is TagSwap different from Lasso Reference?

Lasso Reference describes the usage of the built in types and methods that is distributed with every installation of Lasso.
TagSwap solutions require that you download and install the type or method that you're interested in. Lassosoft can take no responsibility for the quality of the solutions provided in TagSwap and does not give support on the usage.

Be part of the TagSwap story

When you have created a resuable method type or trait that could be of use to other developers, you can contribute your code to this community source.


In 2006 a service was created to provide a collaborative, central place for Lasso developers to share custom code or solutions as open source for everyone to benefit from. This service was called tagSwap.
TagSwap was developed, maintained, managed and supported as an independent site by Jason Huck until 2012 when it was merged with LassoSoft's suite of code support tools under the umbrella. We gratefully acknowledge Jason's years of work in support of the Lasso community. 

Go to TagSwap and find the code to help your project now.

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