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Continuity Assurance for Certified Lasso Developers

Having a Certified Lasso Developer membership comes with it's own protection! 

LassoSoft is committed to the highest levels of availability and continuity for applications developed and managed by Certified Lasso Developers. If the event of a personal tragedy, LassoSoft will make sure there is a suitably qualified Lasso Developer able to pick up and support your mission critical systems while the client or owner resolves a longer term developer engagement.

We don't like to think about it, but when we do, the sole-developer, or small businesses of programmers all break out in a cold sweat. What if?

Even big business like to know that any service or system they rely on is dependable and comes with its own disaster management and continuity planning.

With your Certified Lasso Developer membership comes the strength of LassoSoft, as our badge shows, like your own personal bodyguard to your code! While your membership is current, so is your continuity assurance. LassoSoft will, on notification of a critical incident with one our our Certified Developers, negotiate the availability of a developer to step in - whether your system is still in development, or, if it's a Lasso server, or an operational system that needs attention. Your client agrees to pay the market rate for a Lasso developer and agrees the amount of work they want done under this continuity assurance. This buys them time to advertise, interview and engage a permanent replacement (if one is needed), or, for the CLD to recover from their medium term injuries or illness to be able to continue.

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