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Lasso Code Audit Service

LassoSoft offers a Code Audit service to identify if and where issues exist in your code.

Reviewing your code periodically is a recognized quality assurance and improvement process which, like car tuning and safety checks, should be done at regular intervals. However businesses who rely day by day on their code rarely have the time and resources to conduct an audit unless they are planning to re-write their system.

Advances in technologies, platforms, operating systems and code bases such as Lasso, libraries, and connectors are constantly changing the landscape your code lives within. Over time, previous coding habits and standards are superseded by new, more efficient methods. These improvements are not taken advantage of unless an audit is done that can identify improvement opportunities, allowing coders to plan and execute changes in an ordered manner.

Like handwriting, some developers code can be harder to read than others - not because the content is different, but because of the way it's presented. Our code audit will identify where style is superfluous to function.

If you do not have the capacity to do your own conversion, enlist our help.

Standard Audit for $999 - knowing where you stand.

Benefits delivered:

  • Security: High level security issues identification
  • Speed: High level performance improvements review
  • Simplicity: Code syntax cleansing


  • Code compliance check for running the same code on both Lasso 8 code on Lasso 9*
  • Identification of any training or code-coaching needs for the creators of your code
  • Code feedback with commenting of issues and changes

* if code compliance issues found are minor, changes will be made during the audit and the updated code provided back as a complimentary bonus.


You receive acknowledgement if your code will run on both Lasso 8.6 and Lasso 9.x;

A detailed list of improvements for your developer or contracted Certified Lasso Developer to work with that will resolve any remaining custom compliance changes required for Lasso 9.x. if any,

A list of any high-level performance or security issues that are found and recommendations for addressing these.

Extended Audit for $3950 - when security & performace are vital.

Benefits delivered:

Includes all of the benefits of the Standard Audit above plus,

  • Security: Extended Security review: hammering of your code in a controlled environment to look for points of vulnerability.
  • Speed: Extended identification of opportunities for increasing performance looking at choke points as well as code inefficiencies
  • Simplicity: Improvements is code structure and annotation identified
  • Detailed code audit documentation
  • Personal feedback and discussion review session


You receive acknowledgement if your code will run on both Lasso 8.6 and Lasso 9.x;

A detailed list of improvements for your developer or contracted Certified Lasso Developer to work with that will resolve any remaining custom compliance changes required for Lasso 9.x.

Detailed code comments of security vulnerabilities identified, along with recommendations for resolving these.

Detailed code comments of performance limiting factors, and performance improvement opportunities.

Custom Audit (from $1999) - maximize your lasso systems code with security, speed, and confidence for critical & complex services. 

When dealing with larger or more complex systems we will do an initial scoping audit to identify what is achieveable within an the initial timeframe. If the code base and complexities are larger, we will then identify how much longer is needed to complete the process, offering a work-to-date report, commented code, and quote to complete the balance of the Audit.


What's next? Code Conversion is the next step-up - when audit isn't enough and you just want the best job done soonest!


For more informaton, or to book your Audit please contact


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